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  • Super Hard On clone

    I built this Super Hard On Booster a long time ago. I used one of those old DPDT switches without an LED. Later I wanted to add an LED I used R.G. Keen’s Millennium Bypass on a small piece of stripboard and hung it off the LED leads. Fun fact: Zachary Vex participated in the…

  • Box of MOSFET

    Rock Box! I was talking to a friend about distortion boxes and the Box of Rock came up. Which got me thinking, I’d never heard one before, and Z Vex always makes good stuff. I found a schematic in the usual place. It looked like a pretty easy build. The Box is basically two pedals…

  • Sycophant

    Here’s my take on the SHO. With crackle free knob. Adjust the value of C3 to create a range boost.

  • MosFET Range boost

    Here’s a simple idea that you will work on almost every transistor circuit out there. We’ll apply it to the MosFET boost here. Remember the gain of the MosFET boost was determined by the Drain and Source resistors. For the example circuit, as the Source resistor decreases in value the gain increases. A capacitor acts…

  • MosFET Gain

    Here’s a typical MosFET boost. The gain is roughly determined by the ratio of Drain and Source resistors. Divide the Drain resistor (Rd) by the Source resistor (Rs) to find the gain. For example if Rd = 5k and Rs = 5k the gain is 1. Use a Pot for Rs to set variable gain.…

  • MosFet Range Booster

    Here’s a quick idea for a MosFet Range Booster.

  • MOSFET Boost Layout

    Here’s a layout for the MosFET boost. The drawing is pretty sloppy. But this shows the schematic and layout I used for my build. Seemed to work well. Here’s a link to a picture of my build. Here’s a link to the schematic on Muzique.com

  • Minibooster

    This is Jack Orman‘s Minibooster.

  • MOSFET Boost

    This is Jack Orman’s MosFET Boost. This was an easy build. It sounds good, great clean boost with a lot of gain.