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  • Flatline v2 Build

    Flatline v2 Build

    The Flatline is a a great simple compressor designed by John Hollis. Check out my original article on Flatline for some background. This is an update to the original board that incorporates some mods by Atomium Amps. Besides me part value changes, this board adds a trim pot to set the release /decay time for […]

  • Flatline OP2134

    Flatline OP2134

    This is the Flatline compress by John Hollis with some mods by Atomium Amplification. I’ve built a few of these and they all work well. Flatline is a simple optical compressor built from a handful of easy to find parts. If you like compressors, want to build one yourself try this, you’ll probably like it. […]

  • Fake op-amps

    Fake op-amps

    I bought some op-amps from Aliexpress a few days ago. They seem to be working. I patted myself on the back for getting a such a deal, they were about $0.08 each! All of the parts seem to be working except fro the LM308 which didn’t work at all. After watching this video, I’m starting […]

  • Cheap parts from Aliexpress.com

    Cheap parts from Aliexpress.com

    I need some op-amps, usually I’m buying these from Tayda Electronics or StompboxParts.com. Tayda is the cheaper of the two but StompboxParts ships faster. In this case neither place had all of what I wanted in stock. I wasn’t in a hurry so I decided to experiment and order from Aliexpress.com. This place seems be […]