New Guitar

Sometimes you have to buy a new guitar. Sometimes you just give in. I saw this and was inspired. Not sure why, it does have a unique look. I figured the expense was not justified. After thinking about this for a week, I came up with the idea to hawk some old junk on ebay. Which in the end worked well.

I had not bought an Agile guitar before. I had heard good things about them. They get high reviews on the internet. I have to say this instrument lives up to the hype. It’s well built and plays great. Overall the instrument looks great. There are a few tiny flaws in the finish, you need to really look to find these.

A few features I like. Single pickup single control strips everything down to the bare bones. The plain top with out a lot of clutter has a nice unique style. The pick up is a P90 style. I don’t own a guitar with one of these so it adds a new sound. The pick sounds good. Its’ got some “twang” that you don’t get with humbuckers.