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  • Haunting Mids Reflection

    Haunting Mids Reflection

    The goal of this project was to build three Haunting Mids, keep one and sell the other two, hopefully coming out ahead! This post covers the original Haunting Mids Fuzz. Note! This is not the JHS pedal with the same name. What is Haunting Mids? Haunting Mids is a Big Muff variant. Besides careful choice…

  • Parentheses Fuzz postmortem

    Parentheses Fuzz postmortem

    What is it Parentheses Fuzz is a PCB from PedalPCB that is a clone of the Earth Quaker Devices Life pedal, with some mods. Originally designed as a sort of signature pedal for the Band Sunn o))). What does it sound like? This thing sounds lightly. It has a distortion, boost, and a switchable octave.…