ZVex wah probe

I always wanted one of these. Then I saw this on Reverb.com for a $160 + free shipping. That seemed very reasonable. It works surprisingly well.

IMG_1114.JPG   IMG_1113.JPG IMG_1112.JPG


Interesting construction, looks like this is built from three boards. A small stripboard, looks like a bespoke SHO, attached to the Volume pot. Then there is the main board, factory made, which probably has the wah circuit. At the bottom another board is glued to the wall of the box. This looks like the high frequency circuit that detects your foot and drives the wah.

IMG_1119.JPGIMG_1118.JPGIMG_1117.JPGIMG_1116.JPG IMG_1115.JPG

The bottom plate has two holes for adjusting the trimmers. There is also a small cable extending from the bottom with a connector for a power supply. The power supply is nice. There are no feet so the wire for the connector rests on the ground which is less than ideal.


Ghost wah

Here’s a Wah probe work alike. Thought this would be a fun build. Someone gave it a good review over at DIYStompboxes so I etched up two boards. just got the parts in the mail and soldered the last parts into the board last night.

Here’s a picture of the populated board. This still needs the LED/LDR. I need to create an enclosure and figure out what to do for an antenna.

Ghost Wah