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  • Cheap parts from Aliexpress.com

    Cheap parts from Aliexpress.com

    I need some op-amps, usually I’m buying these from Tayda Electronics or StompboxParts.com. Tayda is the cheaper of the two but StompboxParts ships faster. In this case neither place had all of what I wanted in stock. I wasn’t in a hurry so I decided to experiment and order from Aliexpress.com. This place seems be…

  • PWM demo

    PWM demo

    This is a demo of Tim Escobedo’s PWM. see my build page for more info about this circuit: http://www.super-freq.com/tim-escobedo-pwm-pcb-build/ Here is another song demo where the PWM was used on one track in the mix.

  • Tim Escobedo PWM PCB build

    Tim Escobedo PWM PCB build

    The PWM b Tim Escobedo shapes your guitar signal into a variable duty square wave. This is staple of synthesizers. Known as pulse width modulation or PWM. The sound is supper compressed fuzz. This circuit is a simple build. Tim Escobedo is sort of an anomaly. He contributed an amazing collection of ideas vis his…