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  • Beginner Projects!

    Beginner Projects!

    Someone asked me about how to get started making guitar pedals. You need beginner projects! here are a few satisfying projects. They sound good and are easy build. These are also easy to debug if something goes wrong! You have to start developing your debugging skills early! These projects are all built using perf/pad-per-hole board…

  • Super Hard On – OSH Park

    Super Hard On – OSH Park

    Three Super Hard On’s built from PCBs from OSH Park. This layout was compact and well arranged. Off board pads were all arranged in a row on one edge, I used four conductor ribbon cable for neat wiring. The ribbon cable I have I got at Radio Shack, some years ago, it’s solid core, with…

  • ZVex Distortron

    ZVex Distortron

    I was thinking about building one of these myself, then I saw this used on Reverb.com for $99 and free shipping. I was hard to beat. The effort to build it woul been worth $99.