Big Muff

Here is another Big muff. I had these boards manufactured at The idea was to make a Big Muff PCB that could be used to easily build any version of the standard Big Muff.

The board has an on board LED with all of the off board wiring along the bottom edge. This makes the wiring super easy. It keeps the inside of the box neat and tidy.

The PCB uses part numbers from the Big Muff Page. You can pick your schematic there and build using the part values listed.

Here is a version 1 Triangle Big Muff I made. I subbed 2n5089 since the older transistors are hard to get and I’m not a fanatic about reproducing things exactly, it wasn’t really the point.

Vulcan by Joe Davisson

This is Joe Davisson’s Vulcan overdrive. Starting with a prototype board made at home with the Othermill, then turned this into a board from OSHPARK. Boxed up and is working well. This is an interesting overdrive with a couple unique circuit features.