Tag: Stompbox Cookbook

  • Distort-o-matic VI

    Here’s a weird idea from the Stompbox Cookbook. Note, the PCB image is a positive.

  • Axe-o-Matic

    Here’s a new drawing from the Stompbox Cookbook. This is a passive mid control. Could be a good alternative to the standard Guitar treble roll off type tone control. The pot should be a dual gang linear.

  • Stompbox Cookbook PCB layouts are BACKWARDS!

    I just started building up a project and I realized the PCB layout I printed from the Stompbox Cookbook is backwards! Beware if you plan to build a project from any of these layouts. I think I can save my build by either bending the IC pins over so the chips are upside down, or…

  • Distort-o-Matic VI

    I’ve been fascinated by the Stompboxology and Stompbox Cookbook projects for a long time. I’ve only built a few and many of the ideas are hit and miss. The concepts presented are compelling none the less. The Distort-o-matic VI for example, uses a very off the wall concept. The input signal is imposed on a…