Tag: template PCB

  • BB sized template

    Here’s an image of a BB sized template. I have made one of these to test it. Someone asked about it so I thought I’d post an image. This image was created at 200 PPI.

  • PCB Template Drilling guide

    I have been getting a lot requests for a drilling template. So here it is at long last. This drilling template may not be super accurate. Be sure to drill the initial holes a little smaller and check alignment against your PCB before opening the holes. I use a round file and a hand reamer…

  • Punch In the Face

    Here’s another unique design by Tim Escobedo.

  • Minibooster

    This is Jack Orman‘s Minibooster.

  • FET Driver

    This is Tim Escobedo‘s FET Driver.

  • Jinx

    This is another fine little Distortion by Tim Escobedo. I think this sounds pretty good. The sound can go from mildly distortion/overdrive to over the top almost metal. It can also get some splatty fuzz tones and a soft attack.

  • Push Me Pull You

    This is Tim Escobedo‘s Push Me Pull You. It’s an octave up with an interesting design. Using an NPN PNP pair.