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  • Titan boost analysis

    Titan boost analysis

    Here is a closer look at the Titan Boost by John Hollis. The circuit uses an op-amp to boost and buffer the input signal. This is fed into an inductor that steps up the voltage at the output. The amplifier is built around a TL072 dual op-amp IC1_A and IC1_B. The first stage, IC1_A, is…

  • Titan Boost/Octave exploded

    John Hollis Titan Boost/octave. It’s all built on a single pcb that includes all of the default wiring for the switches and jacks. The rest of the pcb is perf board.

  • Titan Boost/Ocrave – John Hollis

    John Hollis Titan boost/octave. This is an op amp input pre amp/booster into a transformer. The transformer is 1k/20k and can output 30v from a 9v battery. The switch inserts a diode bridge for an octave effect. The sound of the boost warm and clear. The octave effect is pretty good and different from other…

  • Titan Boost/Octave