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  • Vulcan Build

    Vulcan Build

    The Vulcan is a heavy over to distortion by Joe Davisson. Check his Analog Alchemy page for more of his designs. Here’s a discussion of the circuit over at the DIYStompboxes forum. I created a PCB you can order at OSH Park. Part Value C1 100n C2 100n C3 100n C4 2n2 C5 100n C6…

  • Work in progress

    Work in progress

    I always get into something for a while, then need to take a break. There are a few hobbies I always seem to come back to. Pedal making is one of these! I dug out a few of the boards I started before the last break, and ordered a few more. Sat around soldering the…

  • Vulcan V1.2

    Vulcan V1.2

    Here’s a Vulcan V1.2 circuit it adds reverse polarity protection, and ground pads for input and output jacks. These are available on OSH Park. Order some boards and follow the build guide to build your own Vulcan. Vulcan On OSH Park Vulcan Build Docs