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  • Woolly Mammoth clone

    Woolly Mammoth clone.

  • More OSH Park PCBs

    More OSH Park PCBs

    These are some more PCBs from OSH Park. There is an IC Big Muff, Tube Steak, and a Woolly Mammoth. The Tube Steak I created from a schematic posted by Charlie Barth at Moosapotamus.net.┬áTube Steak Fuzz is a cross between the Tube Sound Fuzz, and Way Huge Fat Sandwich. Here’s a link to Charlie’s article…

  • Royal Jelly Buzz

    Royal Jelly Buzz

    Really just a Woolly Mammoth clone. I used some rubber stamps and Stazon ink to decorate the box. It’s sporting an obnoxiously bright green LED. The LED is probably the only thing I don’t like about this box. This is a mastodon fuzz pcb from music pcb. It’s a small pcb that mounts on the…