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  • Rehousing the Boss DS-1

    Rehousing the Boss DS-1

    After my last couple projects rehousing new circuits in Boss enclosures I was left with several DS-1 PCBs. These were populated with some or all of the parts! I decided I couldn’t let these go to waste! If you’re interested to see what was rehoused in Boss enclosures check these out: 1981 DRV Burns Buzzaround…

  • Morbid Fur

    Morbid Fur

    Here is a build of the Morbid Fur fuzz. There were a few errors in my first version of this PCB. All my fault. I had these boards manufactured at PCBWay. com. They do great work and have many options to choose. Like solder mask color. I wrote about their service in more details in…

  • Big Muff – Green Russian Clone Demo

    Big Muff – Green Russian Clone Demo

    Demo of the Green Russian clone. It’s got a lot of bass! Built this from a Madbean PCB.

  • Two Haunting Mids!

    Two Haunting Mids!

    Here are two more Haunting Mids fuzz. These came out pretty good. Check out the project page you can order PCBs from OSH Park and build your own! This is a great sounding Big Variant. It’s unique in that it does have a tone control. The tone section is removed and the output is taken…

  • Milling some new enclosures…

    Milling some new enclosures…

  • Super Frequency

    Super Frequency

    I made some ugly face PCBs back in 2009 and had a couple left over. I built this up when I first got the mill. The Ugly Face is a DIY classic invented byTim Escobedo way back in the early mid 2000s if I recall. It’s a unique circuit with a surprising sound if you…

  • Big Muff clone

    Big Muff clone

    This is another Big Muff clone. It’s a green Russian built with a Madbean PCB. I milled the enclosure.

  • Fuzz Factory #3

    Fuzz Factory #3

    Another Fuzz Factory clone. I used silicon transistors for this build I didn’t have any germanium transistors with the right gains. I think lower gain silicon works best here. I used a couple 2N5401 with gains of 115 and 120. These were about the lowest gain I could find in my parts bin. I ordered…

  • AionFX Flare an 8 knob Fuzz Factory

    AionFX Flare an 8 knob Fuzz Factory

    I built this a while ago. I recently built a couple more Fuzz Factory clones. I used sockets for the transistors so this made a good place to audition transistors for the new pedals. It got me thinking about the transistors I used in this pedal. I used germanium transistors in the new pedals but…

  • Boss Tonebender how about a Buzzbender?

    Boss Tonebender how about a Buzzbender?

    We’ll call this the BZ-1. What got me started on these Boss rehousings was seeing the Boss Tone Bender TB-2w going for 3k on These were super cool pedals but not worth more than than the list price of $350. I understand the idea of scarcity and knew there were only 3000 made, but…

  • Parentheses Fuzz #5

    Parentheses Fuzz #5

    I think this is #5 I’m losing count. These are so much fun to play the world needs a couple more! I used matte black sand textured enclosure. Which give this a good industrial vibe. This is a pretty easy build for what you get. The board is a good size and parts are comfortably…

  • Milling some new enclosures

    Got the mill running last night and made a few enclosures for some new projects.