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  • Titan Boost 2

    Titan Boost 2

    Here’s another Titan Boost. This is a John Hollis project, you can read more about it here. In a nutshell, it’s a clean boost with an output signal up to 30v peak to peak! That’s a big boost! The circuit is simple, easy to build, and runs on 9 volts without a charge pump.  It works by […]

  • Titan Boost build

    Titan Boost build

    Here is a build of John Hollis’ Titan Boost. I built this a long time ago and liked the sound. There is also a mod to turn it into an octave up. John Hollis was involved with the early DIYStompbox community. He posted some amazing and original designs on his site. The site seems to have been […]

  • DS-125b


    A few months back I rehoused a few pedals into some Boss DS-1 enclosures. This left me with some left over Boss DS-1 PCBs. I rehoused three new effects into DS-1 enclosures. That left me with three leftover DS-1 PCBs. Here is a more detailed look at putting the DS-1 into a 125B enclosure. Here […]

  • Rehousing the Boss DS-1

    Rehousing the Boss DS-1

    After my last couple projects rehousing new circuits in Boss enclosures I was left with several DS-1 PCBs. These were populated with some or all of the parts! I decided I couldn’t let these go to waste! If you’re interested to see what was rehoused in Boss enclosures check these out: 1981 DRV Burns Buzzaround […]