22/7 4069

RunOffGroove 22/7 4069

First build of 2022! This is a 4069 version of RunOffGroove’s 22/7. The original uses the 4049 hex inverter. This the same circuit using the 4069. Both chips contain 6 inverters but the they differ in format and layout. The 4049 is a 16 pin DIP and the 4069 is a 14 pin DIP. One is a drop in replacement for the other.

While it’s possible to make an adapter I decided to make a a new PCB based on the 4049 board I had already made since the board will be more reliable and make a better build than using an adapter. Now days it’s cheap and easy to have boards manufactured. The cost is around $20 for 10 boards is money well spent if you consider the time invested make boards from scratch. I had these boards made at PCBWay.com. They service is pretty cheap and easy to use.

Build your own 22/7

You can order these boards and build your own! Order from the shared service at PCBWay here. Then follow the 22/7 Build Guide.

Does the 4049 sound different from the 4069? Not that I can tell. But discerning ears might detect a subtle difference. I’d like to hear your opinions. The best thing about this project is that it this is a a great sounding circuit and it gives me a place to use this bag of 4069 chips!

UBE Screamer 4069

UBE Screamer 4069

This is a version of the UBE Screamer using the 4069 in place of the 4049. Essentially these chips are the same. They both contain 6 inverters. The 4049 is a 16 pin DIP while the 4069 is a 14 pin DIP. Electrically the should the same but the pin arrangement is different.

The original circuit from RunOffGroove.com is a very interest evolution of the Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808. RunOffGroove has an article describing how to make an adapter that adapts a 4069 to a 4049.

I decided to just make another PCB since I had already created a PCB for the original 4049 circuit. The adapter would work but ordering some PCBs from PCBWay.com costs about $25 for 10 boards which worth the time spent hacking a solution. And, the boards are well made and reliable!

22/7 4069

22/7 4069 PCB

Here is a version of RunOffGrooves 22/7 using the 4069. The original circuit uses the 4049 Hex inverter. The 4049 is a 16 pin dip with 6 inverters. Here is the 4049UBE data sheet.

You can see it has 16 pins with 6 inverters. There is a power Vdd pin 1 and ground Vss pin 8. And two unconnected pins 13, and 16.

The 4069 is essentially the same chip. Here is the 4069 data sheet. Here is a picture of the chip:

The 4069 is a 14 pin chip with 6 inverters. Pin 14 is power and pin 7 is ground. There are no unused pins.

The two chips should be the same and interchangeable. Of course we of discerning audio tastes can sometimes hear subtle differences in devices. So of course we have to build both and see what they sound like!

RunOffGroove.com has notes on building an adaptor. You can check out the instructions here.

I had the PCB designed for the 4049 already and PCB manufacture these days is pretty inexpensive. I updated my 4049 design and had some boards made. It cost about $25 for 10 boards. I figure that’s worth the couple hours time it might have taken to make the boards myself, and I get high quality boards! Manufactured boards have two sides, are pre tinned, and have tighter tolerances which allow you to get more in a smaller space. I used PCBWay.com low cost prototyping service to create these.