RunOffGroove 22/7 4069

22/7 4069

First build of 2022! This is a 4069 version of RunOffGroove’s 22/7. The original uses the 4049 hex inverter. This the same circuit using the 4069. Both chips contain 6 inverters but the they differ in format and layout. The 4049 is a 16 pin DIP and the 4069 is a 14 pin DIP. One is a drop in replacement for the other.

While it’s possible to make an adapter I decided to make a a new PCB based on the 4049 board I had already made since the board will be more reliable and make a better build than using an adapter. Now days it’s cheap and easy to have boards manufactured. The cost is around $20 for 10 boards is money well spent if you consider the time invested make boards from scratch. I had these boards made at They service is pretty cheap and easy to use.

Build your own 22/7

You can order these boards and build your own! Order from the shared service at PCBWay here. Then follow the 22/7 Build Guide.

Does the 4049 sound different from the 4069? Not that I can tell. But discerning ears might detect a subtle difference. I’d like to hear your opinions. The best thing about this project is that it this is a a great sounding circuit and it gives me a place to use this bag of 4069 chips!






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