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  • Prototyping Guitar Pedals

    Prototyping Guitar Pedals

    This is post for anyone interested in getting started making your own guitar pedals and prototyping your own PCBs. I like making guitar pedals and synth modules. I’ve built more than a few of each. When I started, some of the first modules I built were done on perf-board and strip-board, then I moved to…

  • Trem XVIII #2

    Trem XVIII #2

    A tremolo from the Stompboxoloy Newsletter. For more information and a schematic check out my previous post about the first build. I had some boards made at PCBWay.com. They prices are very reasonable. You get 10 boards for $5. That left me with a few spares. I gave a couple some friends to build. For…

  • Mother Fuzz

    Mother Fuzz

    This is Mic Testers Big Muff Plus. It’s a Big Muff with a JFET input and output stage, and a James control in place of the BMP tone control. The JFET input creates a higher input impedance the on the original Big Muff which prevents treble loss. Schematic Q1 is a high impedance input before…

  • New PCBs

    New PCBs

    I ordered some new PCBs. The boards from PCBWay.com are very reasonable but shipping can be costly, ganging orders together keeps the costs down. Whats was in this order? There were 8 different boards. Some were updates and other were new.

  • The Sultan Fuzz

    The Sultan Fuzz

    This is my entry in the End of Days Fuzz Challenge 2022. Based on the Fuzz Face with an added two band tone control similar to the tone controls on Orange and Ampeg amplifiers. I wrote about this circuit in this post: The Sultan. I was pretty happy with the sounds on the breadboard so…

  • Tremolo XXII v2.1

    Tremolo XXII v2.1

    I updated this design again. It’s almost ready for production. In this revision, I improved the PCB layout by moving the components that make up the LFO to the left side of the board and the audio path to the right side; this meant I had to move the shape switch to the other side…

  • Soldering boards

    Soldering boards

    I have more than a few projects in the works at the moment, thanks PCBWay! To get caught up, I’m going assembly line. I sat down and soldered all the resistors in all of the boards, then diodes, trimmers, sockets, caps, and transistors.  Soldering all of the resistors and diodes in every board, at the same…

  • New PCB Day

    New PCB Day

    Here are some new PCBs. I ordered these from PCBWay.com. The best deal there is ordering 10 boards 100 by 100mm. Since shipping can be high, ordering several designs brings shipping down to reasonable rates. This order with 6 designs came out to about $1 per board, very reasonable. In this batch I have a…

  • Ugly Face blue

    Ugly Face blue

    A blue Ugly Face. I used PCBs from PCBWay.com and put everything into a blue powder-coated enclosure from Tayda. I wanted to put some blue knobs on this enclosure but didn’t have any on hand. I didn’t want to place an order for four knobs. Looking through my parts bin, I found these pink aluminum…

  • Tremolo-Matic XVIII Build

    Tremolo-Matic XVIII Build

    This is a tremolo built around a couple inductors, its from the Stompboxology newsletter: Going Discreet issue. If you’re not familiar, Stompboxology was a newsletter produced by Nicholas Boscorelli around 2002. It had many stompbox ideas, including circuits, layouts, and analysis. The Going Discreet issue is about building circuits with transistors. This issue has the best description…

  • Titan Boost build

    Titan Boost build

    Here is a build of John Hollis’ Titan Boost. I built this a long time ago and liked the sound. There is also a mod to turn it into an octave up. John Hollis was involved with the early DIYStompbox community. He posted some amazing and original designs on his site. The site seems to have been…

  • Timmy clone

    Timmy clone

    Timmy is a boutique overdrive by Paul Cochrane. This pedal generated a lot of discussion over the ethics of cloning pedals. A couple companies were accused of cloning Timmy. Most of the most popular boutique pedals out today are clones of something. In the case of Timmy, Paul is a small manufacturer, who does all of…