New PCB Day

Here are some new PCBs. I ordered these from The best deal there is ordering 10 boards 100 by 100mm. Since shipping can be high, ordering several designs brings shipping down to reasonable rates. This order with 6 designs came out to about $1 per board, very reasonable.

In this batch I have a couple updates and a couple new things.

I’ve updated the Tremolo-magic X, Tremolo-Matic XXII and Flatline Compressor by John Hollis.

The new boards are: Super Fuzz, Kay Fuzztone, and Frobnicator by John Hollis. The first two are classic octave fuzzes. The last is a tremolo with a range switch that moves tremolo rate to audio range for ring modulation type sounds.






2 responses to “New PCB Day”

  1. Jimmy Patrick Avatar
    Jimmy Patrick

    Now you can re-do the Kay Fuzz-tone to use a 3046! Call it Mark II! 😎

    1. admin Avatar

      You could!

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