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  • New PCBs

    New PCBs

    I ordered some new PCBs. The boards from PCBWay.com are very reasonable but shipping can be costly, ganging orders together keeps the costs down. Whats was in this order? There were 8 different boards. Some were updates and other were new.

  • Soldering boards

    Soldering boards

    I have more than a few projects in the works at the moment, thanks PCBWay! To get caught up, I’m going assembly line. I sat down and soldered all the resistors in all of the boards, then diodes, trimmers, sockets, caps, and transistors.  Soldering all of the resistors and diodes in every board, at the same…

  • New PCB Day

    New PCB Day

    Here are some new PCBs. I ordered these from PCBWay.com. The best deal there is ordering 10 boards 100 by 100mm. Since shipping can be high, ordering several designs brings shipping down to reasonable rates. This order with 6 designs came out to about $1 per board, very reasonable. In this batch I have a…

  • New PCB day!

    New PCB day!

    I have a few new PCB projects in the mail today. Flatline Compressor by John Hollis Titan Boost by John Hollis Tremolo-matic XXVIII from Stompboxology Distort-o-matic XI from Stompboxology Bobtavia by Bob Starr John Hollis John Hollis was one of the first people I ran into posting DIY designs on the internet. All of his…

  • New PCBs

    New PCBs

    I had a few new PCB projects manufactured. Here are three projects I had been working on. These were drafted up in Eagle. I had these made at PCBWay.com.the cost was about $45 for 30 boards. I order 10 of each of three designs, they sent me 11 of each, which was a pretty reasonable…

  • Tim Escobedo’s PWM

    Tim Escobedo’s PWM

    Tim Escobedo was this wildly creative force in the early DIY Stomp Box community. His circuit snippets page was had a lot of really great ideas. One of the ideas there was the PWM, which stands for pulse Width Modulation. This circuit converts your input signal into a square wave and varies the amount of…

  • 22/7 PCB Order

    22/7 PCB Order

    I just got these PCBs in the mail from https://www.pcbway.comPCBWay.com. I’m impressed with the quality. This is an update of my my 22/7 PCB. I made a couple small improvements. The 22/7 is a CMOS based Big Muff. A very cool and innovative circuit by RunOffGroove.com. Did I mention they just turned 20 years! If…

  • New Boards from PCBWay

    Just got some new boards from PCBWay.com. These are RunOffGroove’s 22/7. This is a Big Muff built around MOSFet inverters in place of the Bipolar transistors used in the standard Big Muff. This is a great sounding Big Muff. If you’ve built Big Muffs in the past you should try this one. The tone control…

  • PCBWay PCB Service

    PCBWay PCB Service

    Tried a new service: PCBWay.com. I used one of the boards I had designed in EAGLE PCB. PCBWay PCBWay looks like a larger service with more to offer. They have a lot of options and it’s a bit of a maze to navigate. For your effort they also offer some services not offered by OSH…

  • Work in progress

    Work in progress

    I always get into something for a while, then need to take a break. There are a few hobbies I always seem to come back to. Pedal making is one of these! I dug out a few of the boards I started before the last break, and ordered a few more. Sat around soldering the…

  • Harvesting Parts!

    Harvesting Parts!

    Harvesting parts from these old PCBs. I had this need for a A100K pot and Christmas 🎄 has holding up the deliver from Tayda Electronics. So I started digging through my bin of old projects that never made it into a box 📦. I didn’t my ideal A100K pot, it would have been 16mm with…

  • Vulcan v1.1 PCBs

    Vulcan PCB. This is a great sounding overdrive by Joe Davisson.