New PCBs

I had a few new PCB projects manufactured. Here are three projects I had been working on. These were drafted up in Eagle. I had these made at cost was about $45 for 30 boards. I order 10 of each of three designs, they sent me 11 of each, which was a pretty reasonable deal, less than $1.50 per board the quality is very great, and you can choose the colors!

Joe Davissons Vulcan is a silicon transistor Overdrive that sounds great. It’s an original circuit with a unique design. It sounds great. Easy to build and uses common parts. This is an update of the first version I did of this PCB. See my projects page. It fits a 1590B.

Tim Escobedo PWM takes your guitar signal and turns it into a square wave. It proves control over the duty cycle of the wave. It also has a modulation circuit that animates the rate and depth of the width of the wave. This is an update of the first design that had a few flaws. This project fits a 1590BB.

Nicolas Boscorelli Tremolo-matic XXII. Nicolas Boscorelli published a news letter called Stompboxology way back around 2000. This is before the boom in stompbox builders. He also published a book called the Stompbox Cookbook. Then disappeared. No one has heard from him since. He missed his opportunity. If he had been publishing in the last few years he would have found a huge audience for his work.

This is a tremolo from the “Going Discreet” issue of the Stompboxology news letter. This issue was all about building with transistors. This fits a 1590BB.






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