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  • Mother Fuzz

    Mother Fuzz

    This is Mic Testers Big Muff Plus. It’s a Big Muff with a JFET input and output stage, and a James control in place of the BMP tone control. The JFET input creates a higher input impedance the on the original Big Muff which prevents treble loss. Schematic Q1 is a high impedance input before […]

  • Summon Fuzz a bigger muff

    Summon Fuzz a bigger muff

    This is Mic Tester’s 21st Century Big Muff. Its the standard big at it’s heart but updated. It uses an op-amp for the input and output stages, a James tone stack, and adds an interesting gain control to the clipping stages along with a diode lift switch for the first stage. I’m a Big Muff […]

  • Shiva Sonic

    Shiva Sonic

    I received an email the other day from someone who had bought some pedals from me, it must have been 10 or 15 years ago! I was really happy to hear they were still using and enjoying them! The reason for the email was to ask what the pedals were? I said send me some […]

  • 22/7 4069

    22/7 4069

    First build of 2022! This is a 4069 version of RunOffGroove’s 22/7. The original uses the 4049 hex inverter. This the same circuit using the 4069. Both chips contain 6 inverters but the they differ in format and layout. The 4049 is a 16 pin DIP and the 4069 is a 14 pin DIP. One […]

  • 22/7 4069

    22/7 4069

    Here is a version of RunOffGrooves 22/7 using the 4069. The original circuit uses the 4049 Hex inverter. The 4049 is a 16 pin dip with 6 inverters. Here is the 4049UBE data sheet. You can see it has 16 pins with 6 inverters. There is a power Vdd pin 1 and ground Vss pin […]

  • RunOffGroove 22/7

    RunOffGroove 22/7

    I updated my 22/7 PCB. I had these boards made at PCBWay.com. These boards are great quality. Very cost effective. I’m a fan of OSH Park.com. They are good when you want only three boards, are in the US and need quick shipping. The PCBWay boards are very clean, they offer a range of colors, […]

  • Wata’s Electro Sound Big Muff

    Wata’s Electro Sound Big Muff

    I heard this new song by Boris and it got me interested in the band again. This is apparently an add for a new EarthQuaker Devices pedal. If you haven’t heard Boris you should take a listen. They are on BancCamp here. Reading an interview with the guitar player Wata. It mentions the Hizumitas, her […]

  • Big Muff

    Big Muff

    Here is another Big muff. I had these boards manufactured at PCBWay.com. The idea was to make a Big Muff PCB that could be used to easily build any version of the standard Big Muff. The board has an on board LED with all of the off board wiring along the bottom edge. This makes […]

  • Yet another Big muff

    Does the world need another? I wanted to do a Big Muff using those 9mm pots. These seem like they might be a good build option. I also wanted to setup this PCB to use the same part numbers that appear on all of the schematics not the Big Muff Page. This way it would […]

  • New Boards from PCBWay

    Just got some new boards from PCBWay.com. These are RunOffGroove’s 22/7. This is a Big Muff built around MOSFet inverters in place of the Bipolar transistors used in the standard Big Muff. This is a great sounding Big Muff. If you’ve built Big Muffs in the past you should try this one. The tone control […]

  • Morbid Fur

    Morbid Fur

    Here is a build of the Morbid Fur fuzz. There were a few errors in my first version of this PCB. All my fault. I had these boards manufactured at PCBWay. com. They do great work and have many options to choose. Like solder mask color. I wrote about their service in more details in […]

  • Big Muff – Green Russian Clone Demo

    Big Muff – Green Russian Clone Demo

    Demo of the Green Russian clone. It’s got a lot of bass! Built this from a Madbean PCB.