• UBE Screamer 1.1.1 build

    UBE Screamer 1.1.1 build

    Built and tested the new version of the UBE Screamer PCB. Everything is working! Sounds great. This is a good alternative to the standard TS-808 and other overdrives if you’re looking for something a little different. Does great low gain sounds. I built this in a 1590B enclosure from Tayda. I got most of the…

  • UBE Screamer 1.1.1

    UBE Screamer 1.1.1

    This is an update of the UBE Screamer board. Same circuit just revised. I had these boards fabricated at PCBWay.com. The quality is very great! The UBE Screamer is a very interesting take on the Ibanez Tube Screamer by RunOffGroove.com. It’s the general circuit topology of the TS-808 but uses CMOS inverters in place of…

  • Good Articles on CMOS Chips in Stompboxes

    Here are some good articles on using CMOS chips in stompboxes. http://www.parasitstudio.se/building-blog/cmos-workshop-part-1 http://www.parasitstudio.se/building-blog/cmos-workshop-part-2-square-wave-fuzz http://www.parasitstudio.se/building-blog/cmos-workshop-part-3-octave-down