UBE Screamer build

UBE Screamer 1.1.1 build

Built and tested the new version of the UBE Screamer PCB. Everything is working! Sounds great. This is a good alternative to the standard TS-808 and other overdrives if you’re looking for something a little different. Does great low gain sounds.

I built this in a 1590B enclosure from Tayda. I got most of the parts from Tayda as well. They still the 4049UBE Hex inverter. The cost was about $20. The build is easy. With all of the pots and LED mounted to the board the assembly simple. I used the same layout used over at PedalPCB.com for the PCBs. Power connections are at the top and all off board wiring is at the bottom.

You can build this project for yourself. Follow the build guide here. Or buy one already built from my Reverb Shop!






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