Pedal shelf

This is the John Hollis Flatline compressor. I built this with the Mad Bean Afterlife PCB. This is an optical compressor. It works pretty good for a no frills minimal parts count project.

Null-A two orange squeezers in one box. I saw this on and thought what could go wrong?

DIY compressor in etched enclosure with Tibetan motifs.

Null-A (dual orange squeezer)

Two Dan ArmstrongĀ Orange Squeezers, in series. This was built following the dual orange squeezer build at

IMG_1148.JPG IMG_1146.JPG IMG_1147.JPG

1776 Bear Hug Compressor

It’s a compressor, might be a good one, I can’t tell. From what I here the best compressors are the ones that make you ask “is this thing on?” Easy build worked on the first test.

IMG_1101.JPG IMG_1100.JPG IMG_1099.JPG

Compressor thing

Here’s a my take on the LEDĀ  compressor thing. Really this is just a “mash up” of mictester’s “Really Cheap Compressor and the John Hollis Flatline compressor. You could look at this as the Flatline with a simplified LED driver. Or, the Really Cheap Compressor with a non-inverting amplifier stage.

This hasn’t been tested. It was made more of an exercise.


I had wanted build a compressor for a while now. But had never actually gotten around to actually making one. A few months ago I etched and soldered a a Saffron Squeeze, which is a Ross clone. Somehow I had not actually finished this before I found stripboard layout for John Hollis’ Flatline, which jumped ahead in line.

I have it all in the box. I just need to wire things up.