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  • Small Time Delay update

    Small Time Delay update

    Small Time is a PT2399 based delay with tails by the Valve Wizard. Tails or trails if you’re not familiar allows the delay signal to continue after the effect is bypassed. Valve Wizard’s work is here. I saw the schematic and thought it looked pretty good and decided to make my own PCB. The first…

  • Small Time Build

    Small Time Build

    Small Time is a PT2399 delay designed by the Valve Wizard. This delay has tails. This allows the delay sound to continue after the pedal is bypassed. My first built worked well and wounded good. The tails was not as exciting as I thought it would but it is interesting and a small bonus. The…

  • Small Time by Valve Wizard

    Small Time by Valve Wizard

    I found this PT2399 based delay design called Small Time on the Valve Wizard web site. These PT2399 delays can sound really good, and the Small Time has tails, which is a very interesting option. I had to give this a try. Delay Tails Tails, if you’re not familiar, is the effect where the echoes…

  • Electric Druid Digi-Delay

    Digidelay. This is a 4 second digital delay with a tap tempo and hi and low pass.

  • Jack Deville Dark Echo

    Jack Deville Dark Echo.

  • Pedal Shelf

    Pedal shelf

  • Green Russian clone

    Mini big muff #3 is a Green Russian clone.

  • Making 6 versions of the Big Muff

    What’s the difference between all those different versions of the big muff? I decided to find out! This is a thoroughly unscientific experiment. I got 7 mini big muff boards from mad bean pedals. The build docs include instructions for building each of 6 different versions. Why 7 boards? I usually screw something up it’s…

  • Mini Big Muff – before being boxed

    Building a mini big muff. This was built to mad beans Triangle spec.

  • Titan Boost/Octave exploded

    John Hollis Titan Boost/octave. It’s all built on a single pcb that includes all of the default wiring for the switches and jacks. The rest of the pcb is perf board.

  • Zero point mini – Mad Bean

    Mad Bean Vero Point Delay. This is a PT2399 delay with a tone control on the repeats and some modulation on the delay.

  • Tremshifter

    Dead Astronaut FX Tremshifter. Tremolo and phase shifter in one pedal you betcha. Rate for each yep. An LED for each you know it.