Small Time Delay update

Small Time is a PT2399 based delay with tails by the Valve Wizard. Tails or trails if you’re not familiar allows the delay signal to continue after the effect is bypassed.

Valve Wizard’s work is here. I saw the schematic and thought it looked pretty good and decided to make my own PCB. The first version had a mistake, you can read about that build here, tl;dr I forgot to connect power and ground on the TL072.

This new update is working great! I designed this PCB in Eagle and had them manufactured through, their service is easy to use and the prices are great.

This delay sounds great, I’d recommend anyone who needs classic short delay sounds, to build this. If you want to try out the tails effect this would also be a good place to start, you could build one of these for about $25. That’s a lot cheaper than buying a boutique pedal. Not a lot of delays offer this feature.

Note! Tails requires a buffered bypass. Small Time uses a TL072 buffer.

A key feature in the design of PT2399 delays is the filtering. Small Time does a greta job. The delay sound sounds a lot like classic analog delays.

Notice that I’m using a 3PDT switch but only one pole. Since the delay is buffered it only requires a SPDT switch. I could have ordered one for this project but I had a bin of 3PDT switches and these are pretty cheap, so it was easier to use one of these.





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