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  • UBE Screamer v2

    UBE Screamer v2

    Here is an updated post for the UBE Screamer v2. The UBE Screamer was invented by the smart guys over at RunOffGroove.com, tireless purveyors of all things stomp box from the early days of the hobby. The UBE Screamer was their entry in the FX-X contest of August 2006 over at DIYStomboxes.com. Check out that…

  • Peach Fuzz Clone

    Peach Fuzz Clone

    I have wanted to try the Frantone Peach Fuzz for a long time. The circuit uses one of my favorite chips the LM386. Not only does it use the 386 it uses two in series. Frantone is one of the original boutique companies, starting in 1994! They went dormant for a some years but have…

  • Summon Fuzz a bigger muff

    Summon Fuzz a bigger muff

    This is Mic Tester’s 21st Century Big Muff. Its the standard big at it’s heart but updated. It uses an op-amp for the input and output stages, a James tone stack, and adds an interesting gain control to the clipping stages along with a diode lift switch for the first stage. I’m a Big Muff…

  • DS-1 Robert Keeley mods

    DS-1 Robert Keeley mods

    I rehoused a few new circuits into some Boss enclosures last year. Boss Buzzbender Boss DRV Boss Muff I was left with some DS-1 PCBs. I have been rehousing these into 125B enclosures! It might seem a little crazy butI hate to let things go to waste. It might be good to have a DS-1…

  • PWM Build

    PWM Build

    I built another PWM. This is a a crazy noise maker. Almost more of a synth than guitar pedal. It has a great distortion sound but the output is extremely compressed, which makes it hard to use a band situation. That said the sound is unique! This circuit cam from Tim Escobedo’s Circuit Snippet website,…

  • Scuzz Box v1.1

    Scuzz Box v1.1

    This is a second version of the Distort-O-Matic XI from stompboxology. You can read about the first versions here, and here. Distort-o-matic XI is described as a distortion box with an aggressive tone control. In more concrete terms it’s a diode clipper and octave fuzz with with a two band active tone control 30db of…

  • Distort-o-Matic XI demo

    Distort-o-Matic XI demo

    This is an audio demo of the Distort-o-matic XI from Stompboxology. Check out my build page for a schematic and images of the finished project.

  • The Crank by Mark Hammer

    The Crank by Mark Hammer

    This is interesting variation on the Tube Screamer style diode clipping. Read more about it at Mark Hammers site here: https://hammer.ampage.org/files/The_Crank.gif In a nutshell the goal seems to be less distortion. More of a booster to overdrive effect. I’d say this circuit meets that goal. The sound is mostly clean with some gravel or grit…

  • UBE Screamer 4069

    UBE Screamer 4069

    I wanted to do something a little more artful as a box. The Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures has a very iconic image. I don’t know what the secret sauce of this image is but it’s very compelling. From what I read the image appeared in Scientific American 1971 and was described as “stacked plot” of…

  • Smash Drive Aron Nelson

    Smash Drive Aron Nelson

    Smash Drive is a DIY community project by Aron Nelson, who runs the DIYStomboxes.com forum. Smash Drive is a overdrive/distortion built from the LM386. Its simple and easy to work with. you’ll find the 386 in many guitar circuits. its cheap and easy to get. Projects that use the LM386 RunOffGroove Ruby Earth Quaker Devices…

  • PWM demo

    PWM demo

    This is a demo of Tim Escobedo’s PWM. see my build page for more info about this circuit: http://www.super-freq.com/tim-escobedo-pwm-pcb-build/ Here is another song demo where the PWM was used on one track in the mix.

  • DS-125b


    A few months back I rehoused a few pedals into some Boss DS-1 enclosures. This left me with some left over Boss DS-1 PCBs. I rehoused three new effects into DS-1 enclosures. That left me with three leftover DS-1 PCBs. Here is a more detailed look at putting the DS-1 into a 125B enclosure. Here…