DS-1 Robert Keeley mods

I rehoused a few new circuits into some Boss enclosures last year.

I was left with some DS-1 PCBs. I have been rehousing these into 125B enclosures! It might seem a little crazy butI hate to let things go to waste. It might be good to have a DS-1 some day!

The PCB fits perfectly! This one got the Robert Keeley DS-1 mods during the operation.

I followed the guide here:


There is a lot in this document. I used the wiring diagram and the Ultra/Seeing Eye Mods. The mods replace a few parts on the PCB. They recommend caps with special materials like silver mica. I used whatever I had on hand with the same values. I don’t believe the material makes any audio difference (especially in a distortion pedal.)

Another part of the mod is adding switchable diodes. I wired these to the switches and ran wires to the board. The Switches are On/Off/On. So each switch provides 3 settings. With both switches in the center you get the op-amp distortion without any diode clipping.

I wired everything to the PCB then fit the jacks, pots, and switches into the box and put the PCB in last. If you try this give yourself a little extra wire length. This will make it easier to assemble.

Here is a few more pictures of the process.

How does it sound? Pretty like a DS-1 with benefits?If you have an extra DS-1 PCB lying around I’d give this a try!





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