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  • DS-1 Robert Keeley mods

    DS-1 Robert Keeley mods

    I rehoused a few new circuits into some Boss enclosures last year. Boss Buzzbender Boss DRV Boss Muff I was left with some DS-1 PCBs. I have been rehousing these into 125B enclosures! It might seem a little crazy butI hate to let things go to waste. It might be good to have a DS-1…

  • DS-125b


    A few months back I rehoused a few pedals into some Boss DS-1 enclosures. This left me with some left over Boss DS-1 PCBs. I rehoused three new effects into DS-1 enclosures. That left me with three leftover DS-1 PCBs. Here is a more detailed look at putting the DS-1 into a 125B enclosure. Here…

  • Rehousing the Boss DS-1

    Rehousing the Boss DS-1

    After my last couple projects rehousing new circuits in Boss enclosures I was left with several DS-1 PCBs. These were populated with some or all of the parts! I decided I couldn’t let these go to waste! If you’re interested to see what was rehoused in Boss enclosures check these out: 1981 DRV Burns Buzzaround…

  • Boss Tonebender how about a Buzzbender?

    Boss Tonebender how about a Buzzbender?

    We’ll call this the BZ-1. What got me started on these Boss rehousings was seeing the Boss Tone Bender TB-2w going for 3k on Reverb.com. These were super cool pedals but not worth more than than the list price of $350. I understand the idea of scarcity and knew there were only 3000 made, but…

  • Boss DRV-1981

    Boss DRV-1981

    This is a clone of the 1981 Inventions DRV rehoused in a Boss DS-1 enclosure. I used the PedalPCB Informant PCB and the MadBean Softie for this project. Why? Good question! I suppose I saw the ridiculous prices people were paying for the Boss Tone Benders that had come out recently and thought I could…

  • Boss Muff

    Boss Muff

    I love Boss pedals, they are bomb proof, have a great form factor, work well, and look great. They don’t make a couple effects that I like. For example you can’t get a Big Muff in Boss. I had the idea to rehouse some effects in Boss enclosures. Here is the Boss Muff. Sourcing enclosures…

  • Analog delay

    Analog delay

    this is a a clone of the Boss DM-2. I used the Coolaudio V3205. The delay time is fairly short, less than one second. The delay sound is very nice, I can see why people covet these bucket brigade delays.