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  • Vulcan 1.2

    Vulcan 1.2

    I made a couple small updates to the first Vulcan PCB. Got the new boards and did a build to confirm they are working as expected. Everything works as it should! This is a pretty good sounding overdrive distortion. The best part is the ability to clean up the sound by rolling off the volume.…

  • 1981 Inventions DRV clone.

    1981 Inventions DRV clone.

    Here’s a PedalPCB Informant. This is mostly the Rat circuit with a few changes. The biggest change is the addition of a charge pump. The charge pump provides a +9 and -9 volts power for the circuit to run off. Effectively this doubles the voltage. I have some reservations about the power supply. The clipping…

  • Vulcan by Joe Davisson

    Vulcan by Joe Davisson

    Great overdrive/distortion with good dynamics and clarity cleans up well with volume knob. You can buy this one at my Reverb Shop. Or, build your own! Order PCBs from OSH Park and follow the build doc. Vulcan On OSH Park Vulcan Build Docs

  • ZVex Distortron

    ZVex Distortron

    I was thinking about building one of these myself, then I saw this used on Reverb.com for $99 and free shipping. I was hard to beat. The effort to build it woul been worth $99.