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  • Two Haunting Mids!

    Two Haunting Mids!

    Here are two more Haunting Mids fuzz. These came out pretty good. Check out the project page you can order PCBs from OSH Park and build your own! This is a great sounding Big Variant. It’s unique in that it does have a tone control. The tone section is removed and the output is taken […]

  • Milling some new enclosures…

    Milling some new enclosures…

  • Haunting Mids Reflection

    Haunting Mids Reflection

    The goal of this project was to build three Haunting Mids, keep one and sell the other two, hopefully coming out ahead! This post covers the original Haunting Mids Fuzz. Note! This is not the JHS pedal with the same name. What is Haunting Mids? Haunting Mids is a Big Muff variant. Besides careful choice […]

  • Haunting Mids project

    Haunting Mids project

    What’s Haunting Mids? Haunting Mids is a Big Muff variant. In a nutshell it’s the input buffer, and first two clipping stages from the regular Big Muff circuit. It drops the tone control and the output buffer of the original circuit. There are a few other changes in part values but the the circuit is […]

  • Haunting Mids Fuzz (clone)

    Haunting Mids Fuzz (clone)

    This Haunting Mids clone is on sale on my Reverb shop. If you haven’t heard of Haunting Mids, this is not a clone of the JHS Pedal with the same name, it’s DIY community variant of the Big Muff. It has a great sound and stands on it’s own in the field of BMP clones. […]

  • Haunting Mids Fuzz

  • Haunting Mids Fuzz

  • Haunting Mids Fuzz

  • Fuzz Face mini

    Fuzz Face mini

  • Osh Park PCBs

    Osh Park PCBs

    I just received this order from OSH Park. I order four boards. You are required to buy three copies of each board you order. The cost is $5 per square inch for 2 layer boards (with 3 copies of your board included in that price). Which is not bad, if the boards are small it’s […]