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  • Vulcan Build

    Vulcan Build

    The Vulcan is a heavy over to distortion by Joe Davisson. Check his Analog Alchemy page for more of his designs. Here’s a discussion of the circuit over at the DIYStompboxes forum. I created a PCB you can order at OSH Park. Part Value C1 100n C2 100n C3 100n C4 2n2 C5 100n C6…

  • Vulcan by Joe Davisson

    Vulcan by Joe Davisson

    Great overdrive/distortion with good dynamics and clarity cleans up well with volume knob. You can buy this one at my Reverb Shop. Or, build your own! Order PCBs from OSH Park and follow the build doc. Vulcan On OSH Park Vulcan Build Docs

  • Shocktave first impression

    This worked right after I found a small solder bridge grounding the input cap. The PCB layout I posted has some very small traces that are very close to the ground plane. I thought this was going to be a nightmare to solder. It was actually not too hard. I found careful application of small…

  • Shocktave PCB

    I have been thinking about making Joe Davidson’s Shocktave for many years now. I have yet to build it, the PCB in this post is unverified so far. I’m finally getting around to it. I had built a BSIAB II while back that had all of the transistors in a row. This made for a…