Shocktave PCB

I have been thinking about making Joe Davidson’s Shocktave for many years now. I have yet to build it, the PCB in this post is unverified so far. I’m finally getting around to it.

I had built a BSIAB II while back that had all of the transistors in a row. This made for a fun layout. It also made it convenient to use a single 15 peg milmax header as a socket for all the transistors. This worked out well, so I thought I’d try the same idea here. It works out especially nice since all the transistors are the same and face the same way. Hard to put the wrong one in the wrong place or backwards. Not that I would ever do that.

I’m sorry the values are hard to read to in the layout. I’m a beginner with Eagle. If anyone knows how to arrange the values are part names individually please post a comment and let me know.





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