Madbean Stage Fright

This sounds really good. The difference between the 5 and 6 stages is very noticeable. Overall a very musical effect.

I built this from a madbean pcb. The layout was great and everything went together well. I drilled a 125B sized box following the drilling guide but, couldn’t get it to fit in the box! The jacks hit the tops of the chips. I’m guessing that this because I used sockets. There is probably a mention of this in the build notes that I overlooked.

In the end I drilled a 1590BB sized box. Which worked very well. I think I like this better than the 125B size.




This will be the fourth time I try to build one of these. I made a PCB for the original using the layout from GGG. I never finished this. Then I built and finished a second using the layout from I couldn’t get this to work. I forget what the problems were, it was more than a few years ago. Franciso Pena, of came up with a new and improved version that used 13600 in place of the 3080s. I built the first version of this. It was the most successful of the bunch. It worked pretty well but had two problems that I couldn’t seem to solve. With mine you could hear a ticking from the sample rate oscillator and the sweep switch refused to work in one direction.

Anyway, I found a sheet of PnP that I had printed sometime ago of Francisco’s second version of the FSH-1. I thought what the heck, might as well give it another try.

FSH-1 v2