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  • Mini phase 45

    Mini phase 45

    I started this mini Phase 45 so long ago I cant remember when. It wasn’t working, so I pushed aside and forgot about it. I found it again, and decided I would get it working. There was sound but no phasing when the circuit was engaged. My first guess: the oscillator was not oscillating. I…

  • Tremshifter

    Dead Astronaut FX Tremshifter. Tremolo and phase shifter in one pedal you betcha. Rate for each yep. An LED for each you know it.

  • Madbean Stage Fright

    Madbean Stage Fright

    This sounds really good. The difference between the 5 and 6 stages is very noticeable. Overall a very musical effect. I built this from a madbean pcb. The layout was great and everything went together well. I drilled a 125B sized box following the drilling guide but, couldn’t get it to fit in the box!…