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  • Parentheses Fuzz #3 EQD Life Clone

    Parentheses Fuzz #3 EQD Life Clone

    I got three boards from Pedal PCB. This is a pretty good project. It cost a bit more than the usual 1590B sized projects. It works well and sounds great. I’m keeping one and selling the other two on Reverb as a way to support my hobby. Check this out on my Reverb shop. Or […]

  • Parentheses Fuzz #2 (EQD Lifepedal clone)

    Parentheses Fuzz #2 (EQD Lifepedal clone)

    Here’s another Life clone. I’d say this is really an evolution of the Life pedal. It has the octave as a switchable option. The octave comes before the fuzz section and is mixed with the input buffer. Makes for a good heavy sound. I built three of these. I put one up for sale on […]

  • Parentheses Fuzz (EQD Life clone)

  • Titan Boost/Ocrave – John Hollis

    John Hollis Titan boost/octave. This is an op amp input pre amp/booster into a transformer. The transformer is 1k/20k and can output 30v from a 9v battery. The switch inserts a diode bridge for an octave effect. The sound of the boost warm and clear. The octave effect is pretty good and different from other […]

  • Rocktron – Purple Haze

  • Titan Boost/Octave

  • Titan Boost-Octave

    Titan Boost-Octave

    I built this some years ago, and lost the ages on my blog so I thought I’d repost them. This was a idea posted by John Hollis, whatever happened to him?

  • Ampeg Scrambler

    Ampeg Scrambler

    Wired up this ampeg scrambler board I’ve had for a while. I’ve been trying to finish up all of the unfinished projects from the last few years. Fired up first test. I used MPSA13 transistors. I got the PCB from John Lyons on DIYStompboxes. It’s the tone pad layout. The layout is set up for […]

  • Octave Fuzz Take 2

    Here’s an updated version of the octave fuzz. Q1 and Q2 set up a basic NPN Fuzz Face type circuit. While Q3 acts as a phase splitter. Q4 and Q5 act as a frequency doubler each side being fed an inverted signal from Q3. So far the Fuzz section is working on the breadboard. The […]

  • Distort-o-Matic XI

    This is an interesting distortion effect with an octave and wah like tone control. I redrew this schem from an issues of Stompboxology.

  • Push Me Pull You

    This is Tim Escobedo‘s Push Me Pull You. It’s an octave up with an interesting design. Using an NPN PNP pair.

  • Psychtar

    Another very original design by Tim Escobedo. This an octave up with a sitar like sound.