Pedal shelf

Mad Bean Stage Fright. This is a clone of the Maestro Phaser with an option for 5 or 6 stages. It’s an OTA based phase shifter.

Dead Astronaut FX Tremshifter. Tremolo and phase shifter in one pedal you betcha. Rate for each yep. An LED for each you know it.

Madbean Stage Fright

This sounds really good. The difference between the 5 and 6 stages is very noticeable. Overall a very musical effect.

I built this from a madbean pcb. The layout was great and everything went together well. I drilled a 125B sized box following the drilling guide but, couldn’t get it to fit in the box! The jacks hit the tops of the chips. I’m guessing that this because I used sockets. There is probably a mention of this in the build notes that I overlooked.

In the end I drilled a 1590BB sized box. Which worked very well. I think I like this better than the 125B size.



Casualty 4 Phaser MKII

Just tested this one again. My mistake the shape pot is working. It seems to me that the Width pot seems to square off the LFO wave form as it is turned up. With Width all the way up the LFO seems to produce more of a square wave.

Casualty 4 Phaser working

Here’s an image of the Casualty 4 Phaser. Wired everything up. After figuring out that I had forgotten to connect the ground wire from the jacks to the board everything seems to be working. Initial observations. The Shape pot seems to do nothing. The Width pot seems shape the soft triangle into a trapezoidial square wave. The phase sound is pretty rich. Need to test some more…

Casualty 4 Phaser

Here’s interesting phaseshifter idea I found over at Circuit Workshop. The Casualty 4 is an OTA based phase shifter with two modulated stages and two fixed phase shift stages. This looks like a pretty interesting project.

Looks like you can fit this in a B sized box but there doesn’t seem to be enough room left over for a battery.

Here’s a picture of the populated board.

Casulity 4 Phase shifter