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  • Mold Spore Psycho-Scumatic Wah and Ring Modulator

    Mold Spore Psycho-Scumatic Wah and Ring Modulator

    Sounds like something from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. Though it might have appeared in a Warner Bros. production it could have easily added to a sound track. Looks like it should be on the floor of your custom van, the one with custom paint and interior. This is the Snarling Dogs Mold Spore Psycho-Scumatic wah. We’ll […]

  • Switching Madness

    Mark Hammer on DIYStompboxes gave me the idea to add a momentary switch to a Ring Modulator. After thinking about this for a while I thought it be great to have both a momentary and bypass switches. The momentary switch would turn the effect on when when the effect was in bypass or turn the […]

  • Ring Mod

    Here’s an idea for a ring modulator. I used a 3080 for the balanced modulator from the Ring-Modu-Matic. I used an envelope, from the Meatball,  to control the carrier frequency. This is untested. The controlling the FET to turn on the carrier is going to be a challenge.

  • Ring Modu-Matic

    Here’s a PCB and Layout for the Ring Modu-Matic. I have yet to build this yet so use these files at your own risk! The dual gang pot in the lower corner I can’t get rid of, due to my lack of skills with Eagle. Notice the lines connecting the pot to pads on the […]

  • Ring Modu-Matic

    This is the Ring Modu-Matic from Stompboxology. I redrew everything in Eagle PCB. This is an interesting design. It seems to use several different supply voltages. There is a +9v, +4.5v and +5v, +2.5v,