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  • Cheap parts from Aliexpress.com

    Cheap parts from Aliexpress.com

    I need some op-amps, usually I’m buying these from Tayda Electronics or StompboxParts.com. Tayda is the cheaper of the two but StompboxParts ships faster. In this case neither place had all of what I wanted in stock. I wasn’t in a hurry so I decided to experiment and order from Aliexpress.com. This place seems be…

  • Tayda mix up

    Tayda mix up

    I order some parts on 1/4/21 a big box showed up on 1/20/21 and nothing on the box was anything that I ordered. It was all pedal making parts. Including: 5x 125B enclosures knobs resistors caps 2x PT2399 4x TL072 LT1054 7805 2N3904 LEDs and other diodes pots big bag of jacks I’m like seriously…