Tayda mix up

I order some parts on 1/4/21 a big box showed up on 1/20/21 and nothing on the box was anything that I ordered. It was all pedal making parts. Including:

  • 5x 125B enclosures
  • knobs
  • resistors
  • caps
  • 2x PT2399
  • 4x TL072
  • LT1054
  • 7805
  • 2N3904
  • LEDs and other diodes
  • pots
  • big bag of jacks

I’m like seriously someone was going to build a couple delays, Klon clone, and some other things, maybe a fuzz and a tube screamer variants. I recognize all these parts. Tayda was very they got back to me the next day and offered to ship my order.

Sadly these are all useful but not the parts I would use. I’d use 1590B over 12B, I would have ordered open jacks. I would ordered different knobs in different colors. All in all it was sort of a windfall.






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  1. […] to use these left over parts! The enclosure was about $5. Actually the box was free. Last year Tayda sent me the wrong order and this box and the jacks were part of that […]

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