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  • Deformis


    Deformis is my take on Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face. I put this in a wah shell with the pedal controlling the frequency. The envelope was removed, and I’ve added a mix control. Design Here’s a schematic I came up with With some help from the friendly people over at DIYStompboxes.com. I wanted to add a […]

  • Flat Line by John Hollis

    Flat Line by John Hollis

    The Flatline is a compressor with a simple effective design. It works surprisingly well for its simplicity. I’ve built a few of these over the years on strip board. This time I decided to make my own printed circuit boards. Who is John Hollis? John Hollis was an early contributor to the DIY Pedal scene. […]

  • Titan Boost build

    Titan Boost build

    Here is a build of John Hollis’ Titan Boost. I built this a long time ago and liked the sound. There is also a mod to turn it into an octave up. John Hollis was involved with the early DIYStompbox community. He posted some amazing and original designs on his site. The site seems to have been […]

  • Cheap parts from Aliexpress.com

    Cheap parts from Aliexpress.com

    I need some op-amps, usually I’m buying these from Tayda Electronics or StompboxParts.com. Tayda is the cheaper of the two but StompboxParts ships faster. In this case neither place had all of what I wanted in stock. I wasn’t in a hurry so I decided to experiment and order from Aliexpress.com. This place seems be […]

  • The Crank by Mark Hammer

    The Crank by Mark Hammer

    This is interesting variation on the Tube Screamer style diode clipping. Read more about it at Mark Hammers site here: https://hammer.ampage.org/files/The_Crank.gif In a nutshell the goal seems to be less distortion. More of a booster to overdrive effect. I’d say this circuit meets that goal. The sound is mostly clean with some gravel or grit […]

  • Bloviator/BBE Sonic Maximizer

    Bloviator/BBE Sonic Maximizer

    I got this board on a whim. Ever wonder what the BBE Sonic Maximizer sounds like? Ever wonder what is sonic maximization? Well it’s these questions that motivate me to make pedals! I got this board from MadBean Pedals. I was on a quest to create a pedal board full of mini pedals. What does […]