Bloviator/BBE Sonic Maximizer

I got this board on a whim. Ever wonder what the BBE Sonic Maximizer sounds like? Ever wonder what is sonic maximization? Well it’s these questions that motivate me to make pedals!

I got this board from MadBean Pedals. I was on a quest to create a pedal board full of mini pedals.

What does it sound like? It sounds like boost with a clear and resent tone. Not sure of the phase correction is doing anything here but I do hear a difference. The change is small but there. The highs come through. It’s almost like it imparts an acoustic tone to my electric guitar. Will have to experiment more with this.

The Build was pretty straight forward. Parts are easy to get. This pedal doesn’t contain hard to find components. The docs show a TL074 quad op-amp and a TL072 dual op-amp. I used a TL082 in place the TL072. I also used some tantalum capacitors to save some space.

Building pedals into 1590A enclosures is a little like building a ship in a bottle. This board came with a smaller daughter board that mounts the pots. this keeps the wiring simple and clean.





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