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  • Titan Boost 2

    Titan Boost 2

    Here’s another Titan Boost. This is a John Hollis project, you can read more about it here. In a nutshell, it’s a clean boost with an output signal up to 30v peak to peak! That’s a big boost! The circuit is simple, easy to build, and runs on 9 volts without a charge pump.  It works by…

  • Titan boost analysis

    Titan boost analysis

    Here is a closer look at the Titan Boost by John Hollis. The circuit uses an op-amp to boost and buffer the input signal. This is fed into an inductor that steps up the voltage at the output. The amplifier is built around a TL072 dual op-amp IC1_A and IC1_B. The first stage, IC1_A, is…

  • Titan Boost build

    Titan Boost build

    Here is a build of John Hollis’ Titan Boost. I built this a long time ago and liked the sound. There is also a mod to turn it into an octave up. John Hollis was involved with the early DIYStompbox community. He posted some amazing and original designs on his site. The site seems to have been…

  • New PCB day!

    New PCB day!

    I have a few new PCB projects in the mail today. Flatline Compressor by John Hollis Titan Boost by John Hollis Tremolo-matic XXVIII from Stompboxology Distort-o-matic XI from Stompboxology Bobtavia by Bob Starr John Hollis John Hollis was one of the first people I ran into posting DIY designs on the internet. All of his…

  • The Crank by Mark Hammer

    The Crank by Mark Hammer

    This is interesting variation on the Tube Screamer style diode clipping. Read more about it at Mark Hammers site here: https://hammer.ampage.org/files/The_Crank.gif In a nutshell the goal seems to be less distortion. More of a booster to overdrive effect. I’d say this circuit meets that goal. The sound is mostly clean with some gravel or grit…

  • Bloviator/BBE Sonic Maximizer

    Bloviator/BBE Sonic Maximizer

    I got this board on a whim. Ever wonder what the BBE Sonic Maximizer sounds like? Ever wonder what is sonic maximization? Well it’s these questions that motivate me to make pedals! I got this board from MadBean Pedals. I was on a quest to create a pedal board full of mini pedals. What does…

  • SHO

  • Titan Boost/Octave

  • Titan Boost-Octave

    Titan Boost-Octave

    I built this some years ago, and lost the ages on my blog so I thought I’d repost them. This was a idea posted by John Hollis, whatever happened to him?

  • Dual Booster now with LEDs!

    This has two booster in series in side. First is a NPN Range Master followed by a Sparkle Boost. The idea was Joe Gore’s. The two booster work well together. They each have their own flavor, and together get a good over driven sound. The Range Master side sports a variable input cap. So this…

  • MosFet Range Booster

    Here’s a quick idea for a MosFet Range Booster.

  • MOSFET Boost Layout

    Here’s a layout for the MosFET boost. The drawing is pretty sloppy. But this shows the schematic and layout I used for my build. Seemed to work well. Here’s a link to a picture of my build. Here’s a link to the schematic on Muzique.com