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  • Tremolomatic-XXII


    This project came from the Stompoxology newsletter Volume 13 Number 2 published by Nicolas Boscorelli around 2000. I can’t find a copyright date on the issue. Stompboxology was very interesting and mysterious. The Stompboxology newsletters along with the Stompbox Cookbook would be hugely popular today. But they missed the timing for their prime audience. Nicolas…

  • Tremshifter

    Dead Astronaut FX Tremshifter. Tremolo and phase shifter in one pedal you betcha. Rate for each yep. An LED for each you know it.

  • Spaceman Effects WOW signal

  • Tremshifter

  • Tremolo-matic X redux

    After playing around with this for a while I find reducing the gain on the input stage seems to get rid of the harsh noise from a hot input. Not sure if this will work for every circumstance, but it did work for my guitar. To make up for the reduced output I modified the…

  • Termolo-Matic X

    This is the Tremolo-Matic X from Stompboxology. I’m in the process of building this for “Jonny” who I met at the last DIY Swap meet. He gave me this box to put it in.This project is coming together nicely.

  • Tremolo FX Loop

    This is a first draft of an idea that I have been thinking about for a few months. It’s a Tremolo that pans between the input signal and the signal coming through the FX Loop. If no signal is coming in to the FX Loop it would act as a normal Tremolo. Otherwise it would…

  • Tremolo-Matic X

    This is Tremolo-Matic X from the Tremolo Issue of Stompboxology by Nicolas Boscorelli. I have redrawn the schematic to make it easier to read. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone attempting this project. This is Tremolo that pans between a treble and bass signal. It inlcudes controls to set the level for both the…