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  • Doboz VC340 Progress

    Put some time into the VCO340. Check out my previous post for more information. Tl;dr It’s an 8hp CEM3340 based VCO. I got all of the resistors, caps, diodes, and caps in place. I think I’m ready to add the semiconductors and then pots and jacks. I’m building two of these. Each comes with two […]

  • Doboz VCO340

    Doboz VCO340

    The Doboz VCO340 is a DIY VCO built around the CEM3340. This is a VCO on a chip that was used in many famous synthesizers back in the 80s. Here’s what the Electric Druid has to say: The 3340 is the oscillator chip found in many of the famous polysynths of the analog era; the […]