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  • Deformis update

    Deformis update

    I worked on Deformis, see my earlier post for details and schematic. In a nutshell Deformis is my version of Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face in a wah shell with the pedal controlling the frequency sweep. In the first pass I got everything working but, it wasn’t working well. The biggest problem was the pedal action […]

  • Deformis


    Deformis is my take on Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face. I put this in a wah shell with the pedal controlling the frequency. The envelope was removed, and I’ve added a mix control. Design Here’s a schematic I came up with With some help from the friendly people over at DIYStompboxes.com. I wanted to add a […]

  • Building wah enclosures

    Building wah enclosures

    I wrote about buying some bare wah shells earlier here. I started assembling them for a project. Here are some notes for anyone else trying these. If you’re going to paint or do any type of finishing work, you should do that before going through all of the assembly process. It would be difficult to […]

  • Wah Shells

    Wah Shells

    I wanted to create a project in a pedal with a treadle. My first thought was to get a couple of used Dunlop Cry Baby’s. It looks like these were going for a low price of $40 on Reverb.com. With shipping pushing the price above $60, it was a little too expensive. Wah Pedals on Reverb.com I […]

  • Vexter Wah Probe

  • ZVex wah probe

    ZVex wah probe

    I always wanted one of these. Then I saw this on Reverb.com for a $160 + free shipping. That seemed very reasonable. It works surprisingly well.      Interesting construction, looks like this is built from three boards. A small stripboard, looks like a bespoke SHO, attached to the Volume pot. Then there is the […]

  • Mold Spore Psycho-Scumatic Wah and Ring Modulator

    Mold Spore Psycho-Scumatic Wah and Ring Modulator

    Sounds like something from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. Though it might have appeared in a Warner Bros. production it could have easily added to a sound track. Looks like it should be on the floor of your custom van, the one with custom paint and interior. This is the Snarling Dogs Mold Spore Psycho-Scumatic wah. We’ll […]

  • Ghost wah

    Here’s a Wah probe work alike. Thought this would be a fun build. Someone gave it a good review over at DIYStompboxes so I etched up two boards. just got the parts in the mail and soldered the last parts into the board last night. Here’s a picture of the populated board. This still needs […]