Wah Shells

I wanted to create a project in a pedal with a treadle. My first thought was to get a couple of used Dunlop Cry Baby’s. It looks like these were going for a low price of $40 on Reverb.com. With shipping pushing the price above $60, it was a little too expensive.

Wah Pedals on Reverb.com

I looked around for just the shell. Turns out these can be had from a few places:

Aliexpress.com was the cheapest. The images seem like the same product from all of the sellers. Figure all of the stores in the states must be ordering from the same factory in China. Sometimes ordering from Aliexpress can be dodgy. Often the products are not described well. 

There were several sellers at Aliexpress. In the end, I ordered three shells from the cheapest seller. The cost was $51, $17 per shell. Not bad! The shipping was $49, ouch! The total was $100.80. Ordering from one of the other places would have been at least $120 plus shipping. Note! It looks like TubesAndMore.com offers free shipping, making the difference even more narrow.

I placed the order on May 30 and received my order on June 10. That was pretty good, less than two weeks. It might have taken that long to order from the states.

Here’s what I received:

The parts all came in a box with a zip-lock bag of small things. No instructions. Luckily I have an old Cry Baby I can look at for reference.

A quick search of the internet turned up this video walking through the assembly process:

I’m debating whether painting the enclosures will be worth the effort. Seems like painting might be a lot of work 😕. It might look great 🤘. Could make a mess 😱. Would look better 👍. Would add time and effort to the whole project 😞. I’ll think about it.






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