Super Hard On clone

I built this Super Hard On Booster a long time ago. I used one of those old DPDT switches without an LED. Later I wanted to add an LED I used R.G. Keen’s Millennium Bypass on a small piece of stripboard and hung it off the LED leads.

Fun fact: Zachary Vex participated in the discussions over at Diystompboxes but was not okay with people talking about his circuits, the SHO was the exception.

More OSH Park PCBs

These are some more PCBs from OSH Park. There is an IC Big Muff, Tube Steak, and a Woolly Mammoth.

The Tube Steak I created from a schematic posted by Charlie Barth at Tube Steak Fuzz is a cross between the Tube Sound Fuzz, and Way Huge Fat Sandwich. Here’s a link to Charlie’s article read it for yourself: Tube Steak Fuzz.

The IC Big Muff also called the op-amp Big Muff was a version of the Big Muff that used two op-amps in place of the four transistors used in the classic Big Muff Design. Here is a link to more information in the op-amp Big Muff.

The Woolly Mammoth is a PCB design that I made as a clone of the ZVex Woolly Mammoth. I really like the sound of this one. Designed as a fuzz for bass, it sounds good with guitar also. The design is based on the Fuzz Face.


ZVex Distortron

I was thinking about building one of these myself, then I saw this used on for $99 and free shipping. I was hard to beat. The effort to build it woul been worth $99.

IMG_1124.JPG IMG_1123.JPG IMG_1122.JPG IMG_1121.JPG IMG_1120.JPG

ZVex wah probe

I always wanted one of these. Then I saw this on for a $160 + free shipping. That seemed very reasonable. It works surprisingly well.

IMG_1114.JPG   IMG_1113.JPG IMG_1112.JPG


Interesting construction, looks like this is built from three boards. A small stripboard, looks like a bespoke SHO, attached to the Volume pot. Then there is the main board, factory made, which probably has the wah circuit. At the bottom another board is glued to the wall of the box. This looks like the high frequency circuit that detects your foot and drives the wah.

IMG_1119.JPGIMG_1118.JPGIMG_1117.JPGIMG_1116.JPG IMG_1115.JPG

The bottom plate has two holes for adjusting the trimmers. There is also a small cable extending from the bottom with a connector for a power supply. The power supply is nice. There are no feet so the wire for the connector rests on the ground which is less than ideal.


5 Knobs

Here’s an idea I have been wanting to try in a stompbox. Small Bear carries post with long leads that can be used to mount the pot to PCB. I thought these might be good for mounting a board inside an enclosure. This is a clone of everyone’s favorite 5 knob fuzz.

This seemed to work well. But I think the knobs are a little hard to see for adjusting. Then again you might be adjusting by ear abyway. I wanted to place the switch in the center of the box for aesthetic reasons. This left a tight fit in the center of the board for the transistor, which I haven’t added yet.

Overall I would say that these posts work well to support the PCB. Mounting them to the board also does away with a lot of wiring which makes for a nice build. The down side is that they are difficult to solder to a board created with Perf. If the board had plated through holes this would not be a problem. The other down side is that this type of build could be difficult to modify or repair. As the back side of the PCB is hidden behind the pots.