5 Knobs

Here’s an idea I have been wanting to try in a stompbox. Small Bear carries post with long leads that can be used to mount the pot to PCB. I thought these might be good for mounting a board inside an enclosure. This is a clone of everyone’s favorite 5 knob fuzz.

This seemed to work well. But I think the knobs are a little hard to see for adjusting. Then again you might be adjusting by ear abyway. I wanted to place the switch in the center of the box for aesthetic reasons. This left a tight fit in the center of the board for the transistor, which I haven’t added yet.

Overall I would say that these posts work well to support the PCB. Mounting them to the board also does away with a lot of wiring which makes for a nice build. The down side is that they are difficult to solder to a board created with Perf. If the board had plated through holes this would not be a problem. The other down side is that this type of build could be difficult to modify or repair. As the back side of the PCB is hidden behind the pots.



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